Februar 2023

Explore a New Universe with Apes In Space NFT Collection!

• Apes In Space NFT is a non-fungible tokens collection built on Ethereum network that currently has 6498 owners. • The market capitalization of Apes In Space NFT is 158.12 ETH and the average price is 0.24 ETH (~$386.69). • It is difficult to determine whether the NFTs from the Apes In Space NFT collection are overpriced or underpriced. What Is An Apes In Space NFT? Apes In Space NFT

BTC/USD Volatile as Analysts Eye Key Resistance & Support Levels

• BTC/USD is currently reacting to a sharp depreciation to the 21545.67 area. • Upside price objectives related to buying pressure include the 25455, 25774, 27609, and 28004 levels. • Technical support levels and areas of potential buying pressure are around the 21230, 20294, 19861, 19357, and 18822 levels. Volatile Action Bitcoin (BTC/USD) is currently in volatile action as it reacts to a sharp depreciation to the 21545.67 area. Upside

Fief Protocol Launches on LBank Exchange: Trade FIEF/USDT Now!

• LBank Exchange will list Fief (FIEF) on February 8, 2023. • Fief Protocol features a suite of decentralized applications (dapps) tailored for NFT gaming and the metaverse. • FIEF is the official utility token of Fief Protocol which can be staked to unlock voting rights and earn DeFi & game rewards. LBank Exchange Lists FIEF ChainwireLBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Fief (FIEF) on February