Fief Protocol Launches on LBank Exchange: Trade FIEF/USDT Now!

• LBank Exchange will list Fief (FIEF) on February 8, 2023.
• Fief Protocol features a suite of decentralized applications (dapps) tailored for NFT gaming and the metaverse.
• FIEF is the official utility token of Fief Protocol which can be staked to unlock voting rights and earn DeFi & game rewards.

LBank Exchange Lists FIEF

ChainwireLBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Fief (FIEF) on February 8, 2023 at 6:00 UTC with the trading pair of FIEF/USDT. This listing will help expand their global reach and help them achieve their vision.

The Features of Fief Protocol

Fief Protocol has dapps that are specifically tailored for NFT gaming and the metaverse, with a focus on user experience. These dapps allow players to seamlessly trade or earn rewards with in-game assets that exist in their wallets. Unique to this platform is Influence Points (IP), an off-chain currency that is inspired by in-game currencies found across popular web2 game titles. The main Fiefverse game title is currently in development but there are plans to release mini-games that reward players with IP as well as other in-game items. Additionally, they feature their own FIEF Staking dapp and the Fief Shop which allows users to purchase items from the virtual world using IP. In the near future, they will launch two more dapps – Fief Chat, a forum and live messaging app built on top of Avatars; and Loot Farms which is an IP-gated staking dapp featuring numerous reward types.

About The Token – FIEF

The official utility token of this platform is called ‘FIEF’ which can be used within its network to staked and unlock voting rights while also earning DeFi & game rewards at the same time. This token helps drive liquidity within its network while maintaining sustainable alignment with its economy through its use cases such as influence points currency sinks etc.


Listing on LBank Exchange will help increase awareness about this project among potential users worldwide who may benefit from its services such as decentralized gaming experiences powered by non-fungible tokens as well as access to new investment opportunities through DeFi platforms etc., all enabled through their native token ‘FIE

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